Monday, August 27, 2012

Surprise Marcus!

Yep. You guessed it! Marcus turned the big 3-0 this year! And what better way to celebrate than to have a surprise party?! I have to say this was my very first time planning for one of these. I was a rookie and not a very good liar... But overall it turned out to be a big success! (In my own opinion at least. I hope Marcus enjoyed himself!)

It started out we had everyone hide around the side of the house and keep super quiet when he heard his incredibly loud scooter come up to the house. (There shouldn't have been any way to mistake it cause I mean his muffler is broken!) Having everyone come early was nice so they could park around the house and down the street. Everyone was really clever about that one! But anyways... back to the surprise. So everyone is hiding, I'm swinging Liliana in the swings in full view (to keep things appearing normal), and what...2 false alarms later, we finally hear Marcus pulling up to the house 20 mins later than we planned on. 

I had tunnel vision at this point cause a lot of the surprise remained on how normal I could make things appear to be. Yeah... unfortunately I mentioned on how lousy a liar I am! So I walk up to Marcus with Liliana and asked how his day was and blah, blah, blah... I can't really remember what I said. But I do remember what Marcus said. "Why is the gate unlocked?" (He's the only one who unlocks it to get into the backyard.) I just shrugged. "...Why is the trailer moved?" (Again, he's the only one who even touches it.) ME: "Uh, I dunno." We walk towards where everyone was hiding. "Why are there chairs in the backyard?" Me...silence... Then, "SURPRISE!!!" Everyone yelled while they jumped up from where they were hiding and popped confetti at him! He had the funniest look in his eyes but I KNOW he was surprised even if he had a hunch SOMETHING was up. And honestly, I'm just glad I was able to keep a secret until the big day came. 

 The Big Three-Oh balloon! :D Hee hee 
The AMAZING cake that my sister Brenda Chance did. Gotta love The Avengers! The Hulk is Marcus' favorite one! (You can see more of her cakes here: On Facebook: And her website: )

 Here's Marcus and me being SUPER cute. He's not a big fan of getting his picture taken as you can tell. Soooo, I decided to match him. Match made in Heaven, right? Ha ha

 Here's our cute family that jumped out at Marcus and popped Confetti at him when yelling "Surprise!"

Here's our family hanging out right after the surprise. I'm not sure what I'm looking at here! 

Jimmy and myself posing. He has newly established chops on his face... and I have newly dyed red hair! :D (my family didn't know what to think when they first saw it. I think they were just surprised...and didn't think I'd dye my hair this color! But I love it. Even if one of my nieces came up to me and asked who I was again. LOL)

More family getting some grub to eat. Everyone was really cool and brought a side dish to share! And Garrett on the left side played some music for the event! (If you need a DJ you can get to his business Public Opinion Soundstage here: )

It was an Avengers themed party in case you hadn't caught that yet! ;)  Go Iron Man! (but where's Thor? That's my favorite.)

Marcus being a great Daddy and holding baby Lincoln while posing with his Mom.  Sweetness. 

Some of Marcus' friends that came: Marc and Mindy with their cute sons! 
Family and friends chillin' together under the light of the trees. Jen and Marcus' mom were such a great help in setting up the party! Thank you!!  

Marcus with his friends. Marc with his wife Mindy, and Sam

Love this picture of Marcus with my sweet little ol' Grandma! She's so tiny compared to him! :D

Lighting the candles on the cake

Marcus loved his presents. But one of his favs was from my sister Karen who got him a Bear Grylls  DVD. He is like Marcus' hero. We even named one of our cats after him. 

OH Jimmy. You make the most beautiful faces. Thank you. With my Mom, Grandma, and Jen. 

Liliana hanging out with some of her cousins!

She loves the slide!

Last pic is one of my favorites. This is my Grandma Hebbert and Marcus' Grandma . They didn't realize each other was there until the end of the party. But I'm glad they found each other eventually!

So yes! Here's to a successful Surprise Party for Marcus! :D I had a blast planning and preparing everything so I definitely recommend throwing one! And if you're not sure where to begin ...check the internet! Lol, I found a few websites on how to throw a surprise party along with do's and don'ts. Well, congrats Marcus. You are now officially out of your 20's. How crazy is that? Don't worry I still love you even if you are growing old. :) Maybe next year I'll get you some Rogaine to control that receding hairline you keep complaining about. Just kidding. I think. Anyways, thanks for reading this everyone and to Marcus: "Happy belated 30th birthday." 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swings win the most fun award!!

Here we are at the park!! This was pretty much a last minute family activity- but it's cheap and fun all at the same time! The only downside was how cold it was- hence the winter coats. But that turned out to be a good thing too cause we had the whole playground to ourselves. YAY!

First time for Liliana on the slide so I went down with her. After that she was a little dare devil and launched herself down the slide. :) She must get it from mine and Marcus' skydiving days!

And speaking of Marcus: here he is passed out on the swings. Yah Liliana loved the swings so much it made him pass out. Pooor Marcus.

Frozen Liliana on the swings! She doesn't look too happy here... but she really was laughing her head off earlier. I think she just gets sick of me trying to take her picture! (ex: Liliana look over here! Liliana smile! Ahh that one was blurry! Try again! ha ha one day I'll be a pro picture taker!)

Here's Marcus before he passed out from pushing Liliana. The only bad thing about that baby swing is ya have to push it just right... or the baby comes out from the 'safety chain'. Yeah... Ha ha either we were pushing Liliana too hard that she came flying out of the chair or the 'safety chain' on the baby seat isn't up to par!! I mean come on! Babies like to swing too! ..... (okay maybe it was both... or maybe just us!)

Okay here's a bigger smile from Liliana enjoying the swings despite her frozen rosy cheeks and booger filled nose!!

Aww! here's our family outing picture. These always turn out fun. Liliana and Yuuki both look frozen and confused. And our smiles look a little forced! Hah! Okay it was cold. Anyways! We had a great time freezing our bum bums off at the park! Woot!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Family Outing Day 2= fun at the Zoo!

Yay! Here we are at our family outing. We were deciding what we should do for our next trip... and we thought, "What's going to be fun and not as crowded as the Living Planet Aquarium was last time?" The Zoo!! Hooray! And we were right. We were one of the only families there that day. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised it was still January. Half the animals were inside in who knows where and the other half of the zoo was under construction... so ya know whatever!! Lol, it was still way fun! :D

Here's Liliana and she's almost the same size as an infant Gorilla. Wow. Those are big infants! ;)

Here's the Tigers that watched us ALL THE WAY too and from their little gated area. I swear they even licked their lips looking at Liliana. But man oh man were they beautiful against the white snow. I'd had to say they were my favorite animals to see that day!

Here's Marcus and Liliana teasing the Meerkats through the glass. They were seriously all over in the corner trying to dig their way through the glass. We scared all away except for one determined Kat who was determined to dig his way to freedom!!

And yes... I just had to compare my hand to a Gorilla's hand. I have long fingers but I'm glad they're still shorter than the Goooorrriiillllaaaa's. (insert Tarzan reference now.)

Here's precious Liliana looking up at Monkeys... I think... Seeing as they were one of the only few animals active that day!

And some Giraffes. :) Aren't they cute? We were the only ones enjoying them eat branches that had no leaves. Awww... Poor Giraffes.

And lastly here's our little family pic! Marcus had just had an eye test so his eyes were all dilated and huge so he had to wear his sunglasses. That was fun having him drive to and fro from the Zoo. (...glad we made it alive... I offered to drive but NOO he said he was FINE... never again. *shudder*) Ha ha ;)

Thanks for reading our family posting! :D Maybe next time I'll get brave and post a video or something. Meh, we'll see.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Family Outings= New Tradition Day 1

It's been a LONG while since last updating... lol. OOPS! For those who didn't know, Marcus, Liliana, and I moved in with his parents this last December... So it's been pretty hectic up until now. So I thought; What better way to spend my free time then to continue BLOGGING?! Yay! So here goes. I'm going to try to be more diligent in keeping this up! :D

To keep us from going insane and keep our little family united and happy we decided to spend Marcus' days off together doing something fun! (we totally should've been doing this anyways... but ya know! Better late than never! ;) So here goes!

Family Day 1 at: The Living Planet Aquarium
Yes. Liliana and I are in front of who knows what. Basically it was so freaking crowded the day we went (had to spend almost an hour just in line!) that we went around looking for ANY free tank to take a picture in front of. Ha ha. So This just looks like a pile of algae with a log sticking out of it. WOOT! But isn't Liliana cute?! Love that grin!

So here's Marcus and Liliana in front of the Sting Ray pool. And Yeah, it looks like he is either trying to dip Liliana in the water and use her as bait, OR trying to be a nice Daddy and letting her
get a better look at the stingrays. I'll let you be the judge. ;)

(Oh, but I totally stuck my had in the deep end of the water and touched the slimy little water creature. It was cool if you like getting your sleeve wet and smelling like fish water afterwards. Oh and getting to touch a boogery water creature was kinda neat too. But ya know. To each their own.
Liliana's little smile while she's watching the penguins. You can't see the penguins at all in this pic, but she loved standing here watching them swim back and forth! She did not want to move!
And last but not least~ Here's Marcus and Liliana posing so enthusiastically in front of the giant Amazon fish! :D Yes they are huge and creepy looking. Big bulgy eyes and random sharp Bubba teeth follow you as you walk in front of their tank. You can almost hear their little tummies grumble like they want a chunk of your arm flesh. Creepy I know. Actually I don't know if they even eat meat. But they were freaky looking nonetheless!!

Thanks for reading~ stay tuned for Family Day 2....coming soon.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Yuuki's haircut (well, more like shave)

So let's just say it's been a long time since Yuuki's last haircut. Here's before and after shots... lolHere's myself, Liliana, and Yuuki (he had to be front and center in this pic. He's so funny!)
Poor Scraggily dog I can barely see his eyes! Ha ha...
The big reveal! He is now cut down to size. ;)
Here's Yuuki and Marcus hanging out. Yuuki doesn't look too thrilled about getting his picture taken. Or about his haircut.

"Yuuki" means courage or bravery in Japanese. He definitely is just that! He barks and zooms to the door EVERY time someone knocks just to let us know someone is there. Our little paranoid guard poodle. He's the craziest! :D

Liliana's Scrunchy Face!

Liliana just started blowing her nose and scrunching up her face! It was so hilarious that we had to get video and a picture! She is so random sometimes it cracks us up! We love you babe! Ha ha
Marcus started an experiment where he made the scrunchy face just to see if she would copy him... And she did!! Ha ha.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Halloween time and Family Photo shoot!

Back in October we asked Marcus's sister to come with us up into the canyons to where Marcus and I had first had our engagement pics taken to have an 'official' family picture taken! She agreed, and she took some pretty nice ones if I do say so myself! :) Thank you!! It was pretty chilly out there that day so Liliana is pretty bundled up... which made for some humorous poses on her end. But overall we had a pretty good time!
Halloween was an exciting time here at the Jensen household because it was Liliana's FIRST! :D It was a tough decision deciding on what costume to get her because we had so many awesome choices to choose from. (Garden Gnome, Giant Whoopee Cushion, and many other fascinating ideas) We finally came to the conclusion that we should go cute and sweet, so we chose an adorable little lamb costume!
(Isn't her grumpy face the best?! Our poor child... lol)